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Unleashing the Power of the LE Community Worldwide

The Leadership Excellence (LE) community is calling on everyone who has ever been in contact with Leadership Excellence to reconnect to our community.

Recently a powerful group of parents, young adults, teachers and school officials created Friends of LE (FOLE). The group’s single goal is to raise funds for summer programming, provide support with outreach and leverage the power of the LE community to deliver quality programming. FOLE’s strong community ties and professional affiliations will be an important driving force and asset in strengthening and expanding our work. We estimate that our community over the past 20 years is approximately 30,000 strong! Stretching from Cape Coast Ghana to San Diego, CA we are comprised of youth, parents, program officers, volunteers, employees, consultants, board members, and donors. Click here if you have been a member of the LE community and forward this message to others you might know as well. Join our list so that we can count on you! Also, the new LE App for Iphone and Android coming soon!

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